Hello and welcome to Captain Corbett’s Adventures…






My name is Richard Corbett and the reason I am posting these ‘ short stories’ is so that you too can share the excitement of being out on the water on a regular basis.

My boating isn’t ‘ordinary’ by any stretch of the imagination, as this is how I make my living but  nevertheless most of you reading this will understand the feeling you get when skimming across the waves in a powerful motor cruiser and therefore you’ll have a good idea of what I’m experiencing as I test, deliver and handover boats.

I will be posting all my adventures and also the skipper’s tips I’ve compiled over the years.

Please feel free to comment and of course, if you have some adventures of your own that you think would be interesting I’d love to hear them too.

I really hope you enjoy reading about what I get up to and if you don’t, then that can be our little secret…

Captain Corbett

This has been another Captain Corbett’s Adventure.  If I’m not on Jersey teaching a private tuition Day Skipper theory or Yachtmaster theory course, then I’m either spending time with someone on their boat, giving them the confidence to take their boat out with their family and friends on board or I’m off somewhere exotic delivering a boat. Either way, I’ll write it up and put it on the Blog for you all to see, so keep popping back to see my most recent adventure.