Travels with my Camera – April 2021

What a turbulent, topsy-turvy year we’ve all had. So very sad and massively difficult for so many people around the world. Will we ever get back to any sort of normality, who knows?

Not wishing to be dismissive of this situation but aware that we have all had just about enough of the constant commentary regarding Covid-19, I’d like to consider a recent opportunity to get out in the fresh air. A chance to stretch my legs and do something ‘normal’ for a change.

Like pretty much everybody, I’ve been living a sedentary life, keeping out of the way of anyone who looks like they might be about to cough and at the same time, sticking rigidly to social distancing rules. Fortunately, living on an island has meant that we have, pretty much, been able to eradicate the disease in our environment. This has lead to a relaxing of the regulations and hence the freedom to start thinking about living again. Feeling emboldened, I went for a walk. A walk along one of Jersey’s many and marvellous beaches. A walk along a stretch of glorious golden sand on a somewhat empty beach. I was in the company of one of my work colleagues and a walking friend of hers. Both of these hardy walkers came naturally complete with proper footwear, warm clothing, a brisk pace and the obligatory dog!

Now we are getting to the real reason for this latest post. As you all know, aside from boats and golf, and food and wine and travel, and a few other things that I can’t quite remember right now, I do rather like taking photographs. So, as one of the dogs on our walk reminded me of Billy Connolly’s ‘Wee Brown Dog’, I thought it might be a good reason to fire up my camera and grab some shots. If you’ve never heard Billy’s sketch, basically he tells us about the little brown dogs that roam around cities, minding their own business, doing their own thing, with a unique attitude all of their own. Well, right in front of me was, admittedly, a not so ‘wee’ but not huge either, brown dog. One thing was for certain; stature aside, he certainly had the attitude. Time to get clicking.

Bless him. He’s absolutely adorable and better still, he has the most fabulous character. In fact, in my eyes he is the epitome of the ‘Wee Brown Dog’. He nonchalantly wanders back and forth in his own world. He walks at his own pace and seems totally oblivious to everything that is going on around him. When other dogs are misbehaving or creating havoc, he just sits and watches with disdain. He even has a laid back way of sitting that involves one of his hind legs poking out between his front paws, almost as though he is slouching.

This ‘Wee Brown Dog’ is not completely divorced from what is happening around him though. His friend, a black lab that easily fits into the ‘Not so Wee Black Dog’ category – I just made that category up by the way – falls victim to our hero’s mischievous side. When the lab hasn’t run off in search of other dogs to check out, he is sure to be terrorised by the WBD. Ear biting, nipping at paws and tail, barging and generally being a pain in the posterior are all tools of the trade for a dog intent on being troublesome.

All this naughtiness can be quite tiring, of course. So, eventually, even your top level WBD must take a rest. Clearly, a few minutes to catch your breath and observe the world around you is also the perfect opportunity to pose for another picture – ask any top model, they’ll surely concur.

Keep popping in to see more ‘Travels with my Camera’, especially if you are a fan of film as I do like to use film from time to time.

Stay safe.