Images – Nov ’12

Hi folks.

I’m in Florida at the moment as we have some more guys from the world press looking at our latest models.  We’ve been in and out of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale with the F48 (keep an eye out for the Grand East Coast Tour adventure, which will be coming soon), the fabulous and definitely my personal favourite C48 and the SC38 (US version of the hugely popular SC35).

As I’m out here in the sun I thought the least I could do was take some pictures for those of you in not so sunny Europe; just to share some of the warmth of course…

To start, a little panorama of the famous Port Everglades and the 17th street bridge.  You wouldn’t believe the number of cruise ships that come in and out of this port. So, time for a quick competition now I reckon. Who knows which hotel this shot was taken from?

To help you out, here’s a picture taken from the back of the hotel…

Now, the boat featured in this next shot is not a Sealine!  Believe it or not, it’s Steven Spielberg’s little toy, Seven Seas.  Here’s a link I found which gives some details:

Here are the boats we’ve been testing…

… and lastly, me getting a tad creative with the camera

If you have some pictures you’d like to share let me know and I’ll put them up. Obviously, as the blog is all about being on the water a maritime connection is important but don’t worry if you are not up to professional photographer standard (after all, I’m hardly David Bailey myself) it’s just great to see how you enjoy yourselves on and around the water.  If you have a story to go with the pictures, then all the better.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts in the blog – I’d would love to hear all about your adventures.  If anyone has any questions I’m happy to answer those too, although I only profess to be any good at leisure boating, so don’t expect pearls of wisdom on subjects like politics, the economy, sartorial elegance or what time of year to prune fruit trees!

This has been another Captain Corbett’s Adventure.  If I’m not on Jersey teaching a private tuition Day Skipper theory or Yachtmaster theory course, then I’m either spending time with someone on their boat, giving them the confidence to take their boat out with their family and friends on board or I’m off somewhere exotic delivering a boat. Either way, I’ll write it up and put it on the Blog for you all to see, so keep popping back to see my most recent adventures.

4 thoughts on “Images – Nov ’12

  1. hi cptn….. with all that fab weather you are enjoying, i thought you might like to show some of those American boatists what the “conditions” are like when playing boats on this side of atlantic !!!!! or WHEN it SOMETIMES turns nice !!! … and if you really want to be bored, then i have LOADS more !!!!!!!


    1. Hi Steve. Well it looks to me like you have heaps of fun with your Sealine, come rain or shine! Keep on rockin’ and make sure you post your next big adventure so we can all enjoy it with you!
      Rich 🙂


  2. Dear Captain,

    Thank you so much for your view out of the window… I feel warmer already… Oh wait, it’s -1°C here, maybe I don’t feel so warm after all.

    Hope the “business trip” is going well 😛

    (Another) Rich


    1. Hi Rich.

      Yes, trip went well, the press really loved the boats, especially the C48. I couldn’t believe the decibel readings we got. With a quiet boat you can expect something around the 74 dB mark and an unusually quiet boat about 72 dB. We were getting readings of 68 dB with or without the roof open; amazing!

      Back in the UK now – brrrrrrrrrrr!

      Rich 🙂


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