The Jersey Yachtmaster

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The Channel Islands are an incredible collection of rocks sticking out of the sea and it’s around these beautiful islands that I get to ply my trade – I am the Jersey Yachtmaster and I’m passionate about what I do and I truly believe that I can pass that passion onto you.

Consider this… from the moment you step onto your boat the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come gives you a massive lift.  The stresses and strains of everyday life melt away and suddenly your family and friends are the most important aspect of your life.

The days ahead are filled with experiences, laughter, happiness and exquisite fun. Whether you are off to France for the weekend or you’re simply going to anchor in a beautiful bay for lunch, it doesn’t matter.  This is what boating is all about – fun for the family, where everyone can join in.

Now, this is where I come in.

  • You need to brush up on those marina skills – I’m your man
  • You want some help with that online theory course – I’m your man
  • You’ve forgotten how to work the chart plotter – I’m your man
  • You need an ICC (you will for that French trip) – I’m your man
  • You want someone else to do the driving so you can relax – I’m your man
  • You’re buying a new boat and you need someone to make sure it’s being built to your specifications – I’m your man

I can show you how to get the best from your boat, which places to go for an overnight stay with the family and where to anchor for that perfect picnic lunch.

If you want your boating to be that ‘exquisite fun’ that I spoke about earlier, then drop me a line and we can have a relaxed chat about how this is going to work.

In the mean time, take a look at Captain Corbett’s Adventures to see what I get up to, both on and off the water…